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Announcing Inquisit 6 with Android support and more

By seandr - 6/11/2020

Millisecond is pleased to announce the release of Inquisit 6!

This is an major new upgrade that brings numerous improvements and features to the Inquisit testing platform. Whether you are long time customer or you are shopping around for a remote research solution, Inquisit 6 Web enables you to reach more participants on more devices for accurate and reliable psychological testing. 

Email for a quote to move your research to Inquisit 6. 

New features in Inquisit 6 include:
  • Support for Android devices and Chromebooks (in addition to Windows, Mac, and iOS)
  • Data processing and storage within the EU for easier GDPR compliance
  • Much faster download times
  • Offline support in Inquisit Web on all devices
  • Long form sound recording for interview questions with both Inquisit Lab and Web
  • Record multiple responses within a single trial
  • Record continuous data streams
  • More usable surveys and questionnaires
  • New "slidertrial" for Visual Analog Scale (VAS) responses
  • And much more. See our What's New page for a more comprehensive list. 
As always, this new version maintains backwards compatibility with older versions so you can easily move your existing research forward.