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By mad - 7/13/2004

I am unable to get Inquisit to recognize input from a 2 button 2 axis analog joystick through the gameport. The joystick works in the windows control panel test and is also recognized when I run dxdiag. However Inquisit does not recognize button press as correct input. The data file always shows "left" as the input. Inquisit Object Browser gives the warning: Joystick: z axis not supported. I am using Windows 98 SE. Here is part of the script:

/ inputdevice = joystick
/ validresponse = (button1 button2)
/ correctresponse = (button1)
/ stimulusframes = [1 = fixationpoint; 30 =square, pinallon; 47 = erasescreen]
/ responseframe = 30
/ timeout = 1500

Can anyone suggest how I can get this to work?
By seandr - 8/3/2004

We have occassionally heard feedback that Inquisit does not work with particular joysticks. We've done most of our testing with the Microsoft Sidewinder joystick, so if you have access to one of those, you might try it.

Otherwise, if you are willing to mail us the joystick you are using, we can investigate the problem and, if possible, provide a fix. Of course, we'd send your joystick back to you. Just email if you would like to arrange this.

By ddd3 - 8/26/2004

I could never get any joysticks to work with Inquisit... and I tried 5 different ones (USB and gameport). Seems like Inquist may support a version of the MS Sidewinder, but I don't have one of those to confirm. I recommend using a joystick to keypress conversion program. This way you have Inquisit respond to keypresses that get sent when you move the joystick. I do not know if this introduces any delay in reaction time. You can find quite a few of those programs by searching with Google.