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lexical decsion task help needed

By hels269 - 7/27/2004

Hi everyone

I know this is probably a really easy thing to do but i am having difficulty with it. i am trying to design a lexical decision task. I have entered all my words, nonwords etc, set up trials and blocks etc. So i now have the bare bones of an experiment. but now i want to alter timings.

This is what i would like:

a fixation point on screen for 500ms
my word/nonword to appear for 100ms
a blank screen in which subjects respond fpr 1500ms
fixation point again for 500ms

I just can't seem to figure out the timings bit of inquisit.

Hope someone can help
thanks heaps
By seandr - 8/3/2004

If I understand, the following should do the trick

/ stimulustimes = [0 = fixation; 500 = stimulus; 600 = blank]
/ timeout = 1500

Fixation, stimulus, and blank are all separate stimulus elements defined in your script. Fixation is the fixation point, stimulus is the word/nonword, and blank is just a blank text to erase the stimulus.

The timeout command indicates that the trial should advance if the subject doesn't respond in 1500 ms.

Hope this helps,