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inquisit 2 and windows 7

By Barbara - 3/12/2010


I have problem with Inquisit 2, on windows 7. Is it possible to use Inquisit 2 on  windows 7?

Thanks in advance,


By seandr - 3/15/2010

Hi Barbara,

We haven't tested Inquisit 2 on Windows 7, although we have tested version 3.

What specific problem are you running into?


By Barbara - 3/15/2010

Hi Sean,

The problem is already solve, because I have uninstalled Windows 7 and I have installed XP. But if anyone else have the same problem, I'm sorry but, I don't really know why Inquisit 2 doesn't run on windows 7, perhaps a compatibility issue with DirectX. But I'm not really sure...

In any case thank you very much for your reply,