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Script in web administration looping back to itself

By CultureResearch - 6/17/2011

We are running a simple script on the web that selects one of three conditions based on the subject number then, when finished, directs the browser to a QuestionPro survey.  When we test this script on our computers, it works OK.  However, several of our subjects are reporting that the script loops back to its start screen when it finishes rather than linking to the QuestionPro URL. We cannot reproduce the problem, but we have at least seven such reports from a wide variety of people who, I assume, are using various kinds of computers.

The heart of the experimental control logic looks like this:

<expt dissertation>

--- Set the condition using the subjectnumber ---
/group=(1 of 3) (training=regulation)
/group=(2 of 3) (training=cognitive)
/group=(3 of 3) (training=travel)

The "blocks" are surveys:

<survey regulation>
/ pages=[1=regtitlepage; 2=reg1; 3=reg2; 4=reg3; 5=reg4; 6=reg5; 7=reg6; 8=reg7; 9=reg8; 10=reg9; 11=reg10]

<survey cognitive>
/ pages=[1=cogtitlepage; 2=cog1; 3=cog2; 4=cog3; 5=cog4; 6=cog5; 7=cog6; 8=cog7;9=cog8; 10=cog9; 11=cog10]

<survey travel>
/ pages=[1=travtitlepage; 2=trav1; 3=trav2; 4=trav3; 5=trav4; 6=trav5; 7=trav6; 8=trav7;9=trav8; 10=trav9; 11=trav10]

Each page of the survey runs a short audio file, shows text, and sometimes presents a multiple choice question.

By CultureResearch - 6/17/2011

Also, I should add that we are using the plugin.