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By Naheem - 2/8/2012


I'm working on my University dissertation and we are having problems running the IAT analysis.

Running the ShortIAT Syntax, it is able to calculate D_Biep_A but not D_biep_b. What could the problem be?

I have attached a partial data file to this message.

Thanks in advance!

By Dave - 2/8/2012

See and hunt the error down from there.

Good luck!

By Naheem - 2/8/2012

I'm not sure if you got my previous message because it has not shown up on this thread.

Anyway, I ran the ShortIAT and Greenwald IAT scripts and they have different outputs, and i'm not sure which is right. So can someone help out with that please.

Data file:

Short IAT:

Greenwald IAT:

Thanks again

By Dave - 2/8/2012

As outlined in the thread referenced earlier, you need to work with the syntax which matches the IAT template you used. Only you can know which one that should be.