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Controlling response timeout when using video stimuli

By sianehta - 4/22/2012

I am running an experiment, in which I present videos of varying length. Each video is a separate trial and I need to control the response time out after each one. Participants however need to be able to respond even during the stimulus presentation. Basically, I need the program to play the video stimulus till the end (which will be different for different videos) and then give additional 2400 ms for a response. This is what I was using but it does not provide the correct results. Any ideas how to fix it?

<trial A_video>

/correctresponse = (lbuttondown)

/inputdevice = mousekey

/response = timeout(2400)

/responseinterrupt = trial

/stimulustimes = [0 =A_video, A_trigger; 150 = neutral_trigger]

/validresponse = (rbuttondown, lbuttondown)

/responsemessage = (lbuttondown, CorTrig,5)

/responsemessage = (rbuttondown, IncTrig,5)

By Dave - 4/22/2012

You'll want to set /playthrough = true on the <video>, set the <trial>'s /timeout to length of video + 2400* and its /responsetime to 0.



* You'll have to work this out for every single video

By sianehta - 4/22/2012

Thank you!