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Expt command skipping final two blocks

By sheetsph - 6/26/2012

I'm programming a BIAT (with single focal target), and am using this script for the experiment:

/ subjects = (1 of 12)
/ blocks = [1=Man1; 2=iatintro; 3=preinstructions1; 4=attributesGOOD; 5=A; 6=B; 7=B; 8=A]

(There are 12 conditions, each with a different manipulation.)  At any rate, at this point Inquisit seems to skip the last two blocks, which are the repeated IAT blocks (Bad, then Good associated with a political party).

I assume it's a simple fix, but am I missing something obvious here?  Attached is the script (modeled after, though adapted from, the BIAT available in the task library).  I'll wait to attach all the images and everything until you request it, if need be - perhaps someone can help me based just on the script itself?



By Dave - 6/26/2012

The comments at the top of the script state:

The "extended" variable in the values tag can be set to true to run a total of four test blocks, or false to run only 2 test blocks.

However, the respective /skip attributes in your script do the opposite (they skip in case of 'true').

/ skip = [values.extended == true && block.B.totalcount >=1]

Thus you can either set the variable to false or fix the /skip attributes.

FWIW, note that the BIAT scripts available from do not have this issue -- their /skip logic is correct and behaves as it says in the comments.



By sheetsph - 6/26/2012

Fantastic - thanks, Dave!