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Button in openended trial will not work when a response time constraint is used

By TracyM - 8/18/2012


Here's a brief summary of my problem.  I'm trying to create a task where a word fragment appears on the screen with an openended response window.  I want them to have a limited amount of time to respond before advancing to the next trial but be able to use the next button to advance if they finish early. 

I have done this by using the /response = timeout(10000) feature.  Unfortunately, the next button no longer works in my experiment when I include this line.  Instead, the trial remains on the screen until it timesout, regardless of whether I click the button to advance.

Does the timeout feature override the button?  Or is there something I can do so that the button works but the response times out if they have not clicked the button within 10 seconds?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Here's a small sample of my code:

<text employment_label>
/ numitems = 1
/ items = ("E_PLO_M_NT")
/ position = (50, 30)
/ fontstyle = ("Arial", -37, true)

<openended employment>
/ linelength = 40
/ mask = alphabetic
/ position = (50,50)
/ size = (150, 40)
/ mouse = true
/ buttonlabel = "Proceed to next fragment"
/ response = timeout(10000)
/ posttrialpause = 500

<block employmentWFT
>/ bgstim = (employment_label)
/ trials = [1 = employment]

/ blocks = [1 = noreplace(employmentWFT)]

By Dave - 8/18/2012

Try using the /timeout attribute instead of using /response=timeout().

By TracyM - 8/18/2012

That works!  Thank you!