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Randomizign IAT procedures

By akanksha - 11/30/2012


In order to randomize the IAT Procedures, I need to have a Single Target IAT where the Target label appears on the right side of the screen first. The script that is on the website allows for the target variable to appear on the left and then eventually switches over to the right. I need one that shows the target variable on the right side first and then switches over to the left. This is important because it allows for influences of handnedness (whether a person is right or left handed) to be assessed.

I've tried a few variations where I have tried to modify the target label's position by changing the word "left" to "right" and vice versa but its not working. Can someone please help me out?

Also, I need to know how to change the color of the font so that everything appears in white, and not bright green. How do I change that?



By Dave - 11/30/2012

The script already does that. Odd- and even-numbered subjects get different block orders and thus start with different target positions. See this for yourself by running the script with entering 1 as subject id vs. entering 2.

By akanksha - 11/30/2012

OK Thanks! I"m sorry I missed that. Also, can I change the font color somehow?

By Dave - 11/30/2012

As detailed previously (, yes. Change the respective <text> elements' /txcolor to whatever you need.