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Dot Probe Task - Randomised time durations and stimuli for each participant

By Geena Shin - 8/10/2014


I am currently using INQUISIT 4 Dot Probe Script, as per the online version provided by MacLeod et al (2007) paper. I am in the process of having to change the time parameters and affective word stimuli so that each participant is exposed to 3 different time durations (100ms, 500ms, 1250ms) of 3 x 64 pairs of differentially valanced words (i.e. 64 positive-neutral, 64 neutral-threat, 64 positive-threat), ideally in a randomized manner.

Thus, each participant would be presented with 192 trials of 3 different pairs of words, which are presented in 3 different time durations - would I be able to ask for your assistance regarding this matter please?

Would greatly appreciate your response. Thank you.
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By Dave - 8/10/2014

You will have to encode your 192 word-pair and timing combinations using e.g. <list> elements. See the "How to display stimulus pairs" topic in the documentation on how to pair / link stimuli and other things. You'll then have to sample randomly from those combinations (i.e. the word-word-time triplets you defined).