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Keeping values stored over several sessions

By wwu_wop - 2/24/2015

Hi everyone, 

I am running an idea generation task via openended elements. This task spans over several sessions. I'm using several values to log certain performance criteria. Session 2 shall build on the performance variables, generated in session 1, in order to utilise conditional branching, based on the performance in session 1.
Now, I'm searching for a way to transfer the performance variables, generated in session 1, over to session 2. Is there a way to achieve that?
I successfully extracted the relevant data using the summary data element. Does anyone know if it is possible to reimport those data files into a script? Or any other way to keep certain values and variables stored over several sessions and / or scripts? 

Responses are much appreciated :)

Have a great day

By Dave - 2/24/2015

Once you have "extracted" the values of interest, converted them into valid Inquisit syntax and stored in a file, you can use conditional <include> elements to pull the respective file into the script based on e.g. the subject id.

See the attached minimal example.