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DirectSoundError - 2147467263

By MartinaThiele - 3/11/2015

Hey there,

I have an error that I don't really understand. There are some .wav-files in my experiment. But some users (with Windows-Laptops that are a bit older) cannot complete my experiment (it's completely screwed up instead), because of the following error:

DirectSoundError - 2147467263 the function called is not supported this time.. line 99, file/win/soundplayer.cpp

Others users with Windows-PCs and Mac-Users report no errors... Does somebody know this problem or has some ideas how to solve it?

Thank you,
By Dave - 3/12/2015

It's likely a driver issue on those older machines. The error # you reported suggests a problem with processing of float data. See e.g. for something similar:

Not much you can do about that on your end. People would have to make sure the soundcard drivers on their boxes get updated.

The only alternative you can try: Convert your WAVs to e.g. MP3 and use the <video> element (not <sound>) to play those.