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Not seeing a D score in my data file

By Morty - 6/22/2015

Hi all,
I've read on other posts that the final three columns of an IAT data file would be three distinct D scores. For some reason, I'm not finding these on mine. The final columns in my data file are "stimulus number 2" and "stimulus item 2." I'm worried that I may have unwittingly lobbed off the D score calculations in the IAT syntax I originally set up with my Lab license. (At the time, I thought I was just removing the immediate feedback for the user - i.e., "your response times reflect a significant preference for X over Y" - but maybe I removed the calculation of a D score altogether?) Or maybe there's a much simpler and more embarrassing explanation here, like I just haven't scrolled right all the way in my data file. Whatever insight you folks can provide would be a huge relief. Thank you!

By Dave - 6/22/2015

You should inspect your script's <data> element. If it's /columns attribute does not include expressions.d, etc. you have not logged the D-score(s). In this case you will have to calculate D from the raw data.