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How to disable the backspace key/delete key?

By yihuanlai - 10/28/2016

Hi there,

I am completely new to Inquisit.
So I want to let participants retype a passage. They will see the passage and they will retype it in the textbox.
I want to disable the backspace key of Windows / delete keys of Mac so that they could not go back to change the mistakes. 
How to do this? What is the exact code?

By Dave - 10/28/2016

I'm afraid this is not possible, neither using <textbox> nor <openended>.
By yihuanlai - 10/28/2016

Hi Dave, thanks for your reply. So is it possible to record how many times they've pressed the backspace key?
By Dave - 10/28/2016

Unfortunately that isn't possible either.
By yihuanlai - 10/30/2016

Dave, thanks for your reply! I really appreciate it!
I did some research and found this FingerTapping task:
It records the number of times participants press the space key.
I wonder if I could use its code and make some changes to it, so that I could record the number of times the backspace key being pressed when the participants type in the textbox? 
By Dave - 10/30/2016

No, it's not possible. The textbox does not fire any accessible event upon each key press that occurs, i.e., you cannot count how often a given key was pressed when typing in a textbox.