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Analyzing Stroop Data??

By hilary - 1/19/2010

hello again!

is there any sort of script available for analyzing Stroop with Speech Recognition data? the following is an example of one trial of data output. i'm not sure if inquisit is supposed to be recording the avg response latency for each block (stroop vs. naming). i see that participants are getting a summary page of % correct and avg response latency however these numbers are not appearing in my recorded data. isn't the avg response latency what i need to compare the blocks and therefore compare conditions?

date time subj build blocknum trialnum blockcode trialcode pretrialpause posttrialpause windowcenter
 .....                                     1               2         stroop       black 0 250 0 0 0 0 black 1 985 0 3 BLUE 50pct 50pct 0
 .....                                     2               2        naming    nred 0 250 0 0 0 0 BLACK 1 945 0 4 BLACK 50pct 50pct 0

*the bolded parts are the parts i don't understand.

the data is also filled with additional headers that are all empty:
trialduration, trialtimeout, blocktimecut, response, correctlatencywindow, stimulusnumber1, stimulusitem1, stimulusvpos1, stimulushpos1, stimulusonset1
are they supposed to be?


By Dave - 1/19/2010

I suggest you open the *.dat file with Microsoft Excel or any other spreadsheet application (e.g. OpenOffice Calc). Do *not* try to make sense of datafiles when viewing them in a text editor, the formatting will be all messed up. Once you've done so, it will be much clearer which value belongs to which column -- and I doubt that there'll be empty headers in the file. Finally, to make sense of what the various variables mean, you may refer to the documentation on Inquisit's default data recording scheme.

Best wishes from a fellow Inquisit user,